this is a box with which i thought would be added would add a touch of humorous amateurishness to this page. i now realize it is intrusive and very annoying to look at. i will do better in the future. i am learning and growing as we speak, right now, even. By the way, have you seen my buddy Walt anywhere? I can't find him! Last I heard from him he said he was going to the gas station for uranium and i know he was lying because he drives an electric car. Walt's a rich bastard. He's really hard to miss. I hope you find him. I really miss him.

my name is DJ Amore and i'm a cool artist person.

my pronouns are




my persona is The Rogue Tree Fairy . It's like a cryptid but annoying. It's just as cursed though sorry

i'm a very smart and funny guy!!!!! you can ask anybody

my immediate contact info is Kato#0049 on discord and silvercruiser on twitter and if someone else says they're me just like

yell at them really loud and ask them about

the Treasures