You swing open the door of the dusty motel room. It's almost too dark to see in here. The lamps don't seem to be doing much, either. With the help of the light from the open door just behind you, you can just make a couple of items left on the freshly made bed...


A partially-destroyed magazine with a cover feature of an unassuming model, you can only presume. Interestingly, the contents of the magazine have been selectively cut. The only real words you can make out from these are... "DEEJ," "THEY", "ARTWORK", "MUSIC", "HONEYDEW", "PARADISE", and "SOUL". Incomprehensible. You guess an wild animal got to it...


An unopen can of "BAD TAKES TUNA". The can has an definitive "1998" on it, which makes you unsure if that's when the fishery was established or if this is a truly historical can of tuna fish. You don't think you should eat this either way.

This didn't tell you much of anything. Maybe you should go back where you started.